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11 May 2012

Argentina & Brazil

We had two criteria for our honeymoon: that it be somewhere neither of us had ever been; and that it…

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29 Jan 2011

Happiness is hard work

I love seasons.  I spent 4 years on the equator, and it really reinforced in me that the temperate world…

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11 Aug 2010


Ethiopia -- where North Africa meets Sub-Saharan Africa -- offers a diversity of landscapes, historic sites, flora and fauna, delicious food…

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09 Feb 2010

The Call to Beer

People have often asked me if living in a Muslim country has changed my religious practices. Ramadan and Fridays are…

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19 Jan 2007

A Day in the Life

Some people have asked me what exactly I do in Ghana. Sometimes I’m not sure myself. So I thought I’d…

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11 Jan 2007

Getting married

How to attract more male attention? Pretend your married.  How to attract less? Pound lumpy fufu. A few weeks before…

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