Lia and Reinier are taking their young family on a six month sabbatical in southeast Asia and southern Europe. We would like to spend some quality time with our children before school starts, and reflect on the current trajectories of our lives. And since it’s winter in Amsterdam, we are following the sun to the Philippines, Vietnam and Bali.

Taking breaks from our normal routines has brought us great benefits throughout our lives. It has improved our decision-making capabilities, extinguished the noise running through our minds, and brought us gratitude for the good things in life. We’d like to share our experiences and those of others to demystify sabbaticals and make them more accessible to everyone.

About Lia

Lia wants to build places that get people outside — outside in the fresh air, outside of their comfort zones, outside of what they already know. She does this by incorporating activity and new experiences into the daily lives of people — cycling to work, walking your kids to school, and taking the scenic route. When she’s not on sabbatical she is managing projects that solve practical problems with good design — both physically, as an urban planner, and virtually as a digital communications and brand manager.

About Reinier

Reinier is too busy surfing to write about himself right now. But when he’s not outside with his kids, he’s having lunch with entrepreneurs.