December 22, 2016 lia

Children thrive under routine and predictability kill creativity

‘Life is a pilgrimage from nowhere to nowhere. And between these two nowheres is the now here.’
– Osho, a contemporary mystic, 2010

I have experienced the benefits of slowing down. I have also experienced the excitement of living fast. And it may be unpopular to say but living fast feeds my creativity more effectively than slowing down.

‘Routine and predictability kill creativity’ – My husband, on why we shouldn’t have sides of the bed, seats at the table, or a default dinner time, 2011 when we were first married

Children, however, thrive under predictability and routine, and I want to create a safe atmosphere where mine can flourish and become their own. But between the continuous beats of our family life I struggle to insert creativity and newness.

But they needn’t be in conflict with each other — both are, ultimately, about expressing ourselves as creative individuals.

My challenge: Find a way to align my children’s and my need for creativity, whenever and wherever we are.

My deadline: Six months. [And then constantly evolving and grow for the rest of my life]