December 19, 2016 lia



No matter how organised and far in advance you plan things, it always seems like you leave in a flurry.

We had five months to execute Boots N All’s Plan a Sabbatical in 30 days. But we also had a toddler at home and were expecting a new baby. It was completely unknowable how long it would take to implement a 30 day plan.

Four weeks before departure, we were right on track. And then our tenants backed out on us 10 days before they were supposed to move in. The brief window when normal organised people find apartments was now closed. We were now beggars instead of choosers.

Let’s paint the picture:

  • Emptying every closet, drawer and box of the house
  • Dividing possessions into four categories: SE Asia, Southern Europe, Next three weeks in Amsterdam, Storage room
  • Constant interruption by toddler and baby
  • Phone rings: agent showing the house in 45 minutes
  • Stuff everything into nearest closet, drawer or box
  • Feed baby so she’s not crying while showing house
  • Change diapers so she’s not crying while showing house
  • Entertain toddler to prevent her from re-unpacking toys and crying while showing house
  • Vacuum floors
  • Wash floors
  • Create an atmosphere of calmness and ease as potential tenants arrive
  • Tenants are not appropriate and income (in their words) is ‘black money’

All you can do is stay calm and enjoy the ride. Travel is about letting go of control and rolling with it. You may as well start practising in the weeks before you go.