May 5, 2007 lia

Needing a vacation from being on holidays

I‘ve been in Morocco, Spain, England, and Latvia in the last week, and am off to Lithuania tomorrow.

Caught some Italian opera…in Latvia…where I’ve met up with a friend whom I met in France 6 years ago…who’s from Oregon…while trying to coordinate my next means of employment with people in Canada and the Middle East…while I’m in Africa and Europe.

It was so difficult trying to explain to the expats in Morocco that tourism was #4 on my list of things to do in Morocco. #1 – look for gainful employment; #2 – re-connect with my friends and family in preparation for landing; #3 – relax and enjoy some sort of lifestyle while my bags were firmly in one place; and #4 – see some of Morocco.

Unfortunately, Morocco is a tourist’s heaven with its rich culture, starkly varying landscapes, history, and cuisine. But I just wanted a vacation from being a tourist. I wanted to sit at a desk, do mundane tasks, not go outside and enjoy the sun, and not see anything new and exciting.

Luckily here in Latvia, Anastasia and I seem to be on the same page and have spent most of our time here passively soaking in Latvian culture via meals, drinks, strolls through medieval city centres, and bathing on beautiful Baltic beaches.

And while I feel like I could stay in the Baltics forever, I’m also looking forward to an extended vacation from being on holidays when I land back in Canada in a few weeks. Excitement is always what deviates from the norm of one’s usual existence.