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Reinier's 20 Lunch Challenge in Southeast Asia

On a sabbatical from his career as a designer and consultant, Reinier spent 6 months in southeast Asia offering free consulting and coaching to positive impact businesses in exchange for lunch. His goal was 20 lunches in 20 weeks while traveling across the Philippines, Vietnam, Bali, Singapore and Thailand with his family.

My family sabbatical

On the road...

We are following the sun for a six month sabbatical with our two children — aged 3 years, 6 months.

Dec 12 – Jan 10 / The Philippines
Jan 10 – Feb 8 / Vietnam
Feb 8 – Mar 9 / Bali
Mar 9 – Mar 23 / Thailand
Mar 23 – Apr 1 / Indonesia
Apr – Jun / Canada
> Jun / Amsterdam

Join us for a working lunch, or just follow our journey.

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An FAQ on our family sabbatical

It’s been just over a year since we left on our sublime sabbatical with our two little girls. One year ago today, we were all in Manila picking up my step son at the airport ending his 32 hour long journey from Canada.

I can no longer say ‘We just got back’ — we have been back at home in Amsterdam as long as we were away. Enough time has passed now that we have some perspective on the trip, and enough people have asked us about the trip that we have some responses.

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World Ocean’s Day

Today on World Ocean’s Day we have donated to The Ocean Cleanup. The saddest thing we witnessed on our Family Sabbatical across SE Asia wasn’t poverty, but the heartbreaking reality of how filthy the oceans are. We went diving and snorkelling in the Philippines, Vietnam, Bali and Thailand and saw beautiful creatures surrounded by endless trash — from big pieces of styrofoam lining the coast of Vietnam to tiny plastics blanketing the west coast of Bali. It’s dear to all of our hearts, especially our young children whose best memories of our trip are all about the ocean.

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